Taboos and Bans in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most charming countries in the world. It is renowned for a lot of holy mosques, gorgeous cathedrals, and other tourist attractions waiting for your exploration in the travel itinerary. However, this country has a lot of taboos to remember. The basis for Saudi Arabia’s constitution is its religion, Islam, and the Holy Book Quran. Therefore Saudi Arabia, considered to be the World’s Last Forbidden Kingdom, has a set of specific laws to govern its people. Saudi Arabia tends to decide the legality of actions based on Islamic law or on the basis of whether or not it will lead people away from Islam. The strictness of Saudi Arabia’s laws also varies based on an individual's gender, as gender roles are very distinct in Saudi Arabian culture and society.

Notes about taking photos:

Snapping a couple of innocent pictures of all the beautiful buildings, military installations, and palaces in Saudi will get you in jail. A law has been put in place making it illegal to take pictures of these buildings due to privacy and security concerns. Moreover, it is also illegal to take photos of Saudi women here.
The only way that you are allowed to take photos in Saudi Arabia is if you get a permit from the Ministry of Culture and Information. Even with that, we still advise you to be careful. 

Taking photos in Saudi Arabia

Costumes in Saudi Arabia

Muslims have very strict rules about clothing, even for foreign tourists.
For women, it is necessary to dress politely when on the road. Long pants with a shirt are considered the most elegant outfit when coming here. And visitors should have a hijab that both shows respect in their country's culture and avoids troublesome conflicts.
For men, the clothes should be worn as long pants, short-sleeved shirts are still acceptable. This custom will help you get sympathy from the locals here.

Customes in Saudi Arabia

Love expression

For foreign couples, you should keep the distance together in public places. Local people in Saudi Arabia do not hold hands, put arms around each other or express affection in crowded areas.
When you want to say hello or say goodbye to people in Saudi Arabia you should shake hands to show polite communication they will find you friendly and close to them. When standing talking, you should stand near and should not stand too far because standing too far they will feel dissatisfied and you do not respect them. You must not kiss when greeting courtesy.

Love expression in Saudi Arabia

Food and Drink in Saudi Arabia

The possession or sale of alcohol is prohibited in Saudi Arabia. Tourists in this country must pay close attention because just having the "smell of alcohol" on people also faces serious problems.
People here who want to drink "free" alcohol must cross the border to Bahrain to go to nightclubs there.

Food in Saudi Arabia

Using more than 1 passport

Tourists arriving in Saudi Arabia are only allowed to use one passport. The Saudi authorities do not recognize dual nationality and it is illegal to hold two passports in Saudi Arabia. Second passports will be confiscated or ordered destroyed if discovered by the Saudi authorities.
It's a matter of allegiance. Saudi Arabia doesn't allow dual-citizenship because they'd rather their citizens’ loyalty was to Saudi Arabia, and to Saudi Arabia only. It also gives them more control over their citizens.

2 passports in Saudi Arabia


The ban has been abolished in Saudi Arabia

Driving cars of Saudi Arabian women

In June 2018, Saudi Arabia officially lifted the ban on women driving cars.

Female Saudis are allowed to drive now

Sharing a hotel room of a couple without their relationship proof

Saudi authorities allow foreign men and women to share a hotel room for the first time without having to prove their relationship. The regulations were confirmed by the National Tourism and Heritage Commission of Saudi Arabia in October 2019, which do not require foreign visitors to show proof of marriage or family relationship when checking in. hotel. However, Saudi citizens still have to follow these procedures.

Sharing a hotel room

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