What is Saudi Arabian eVisa?


Saudi Arabian eVisa is a type of VISA that can be applied completely online.

Saudi Arabian eVisa is provided for non-Saudi Arabian visitors who generally want to travel to Saudi Arabia with the following purposes:

- Events
- Family & Relatives
- Leisure
- Umrah

The Medical Insurance will automatically issue when your Evisa granted but some Medical agent do not issue PDF file for it. However, the immigration officer can still scan your Evisa and check your Medical Insurance on it so do not worry so much.

Saudi Arabia

Approved Nationalities

There are many available countries which are permitted for Saudi Arabian eVisa application.

* You need to check the eligibility at Check Requirements.

Expiry day

* You need to see the detailed information at Visa Fee.

Visa Fee

Saudi Arabian eVisa fee consists of 2 parts: Service fee and Government fee.

The service fee is charged for helping you to get a Saudi Arabian eVisa as fast as possible.

The government fee is charged by the Saudi Arabia policy.

* You need to check the detailed information on Visa Fee. 

Document requirements for Saudi Arabian eVisa

* You need to see more detailed information about Document Requirements.


eVisa will bring you a more convenient trip.


For any assistance, please call 24h professional support center below.

- Hotline:

United States United States: +1 818 930 5979

United Kingdom United Kingdom: +44 191 730 0179